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Health Food

It’s more than the products we offer. It’s an attitude we believe in. There are unless books, written about the best ingredients food should be made of. An essential mixture of vitamins, minerals, proteins, antioxidants and free radicals in every receipt is a matter of course for us. Furthermore we think that industrial sugar, fat or white flour is not the optimum. Therefore we leave that beside. Ask at the counter to receive more information and to choose your raw power sandwich, organic superfood salad, pure date brownie or vegan raspberry cake. The following essentials are only an extraction of our menu.

Wagner Banana Wake Up Bowl

Wake Up

Superfood Fruit salad

A variation of seasonal fruits and superfoods with or without a tip of organic honey

Angels Bowl

Cashews, cherries, raw vanilla extract, on a vegan yoghurt cream, topped with roasted coconut

Wagners Smoothie Bowl

Choose your smoothie as a basis and add a variation of granola, fruits, seeds and superfoods

Breakfast porridge

Daily fresh & warm counter variations of oats or quinoa, cacao, nuts, organic honey and berry toppings


Quinoa almond salad

Rich quinoa covered with spinach, goat cheese, apple, blackberries, lemon and almond

Light Superfood salad

light mixed seasonal salad with dried raspberries, baby spinach, beet root chips, sunflower seeds, pineapple, and roasted almonds

Superfood salad

Mixed salad with avocado, kale, blueberries, goji berries, pecan nuts, ricotta, power seeds, organic honey and acai cubes

maroccan carrot chickpea salad

Fabulous portion of carrots, cooked chickpeas, cilantro, dates, scallions and feta cheese

melanzana faro salad

Cooked faro mixed with tofu and melanzana, rucola, tahina and lemon on top