our story

Hi, I am Cornelius Wagner, and I was travelling a lot while studying and working for big companies - to Hawaii, California, Tenerife, South Africa and all the other Surf spots. 

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“Surfing and good food were always the key of making me happy and satisfied.”


From the early days, we have been inspired by good food. We believe that the way we eat could be a little better. In times of so many trends in the food industry with people eating more healthy, claiming the meat industry, running vegan diets, avoiding lactose and gluten or consuming fancy juices and smoothies, we at Wagners have something else in mind.

We want to create a place for people coming together. A place, where people stop by and have a short break during the day. A place where people should meet each other and be happy about enjoying good food. 

In 2016 together with my wife, we brought this idea and vision about good food and drinks to life.


We at Wagners love to be out in the nature. We love to be in the mountains, we love to surf and we love to enjoy the silence of a deep forest.

Therefore all the products we offer are inspired by nature. It’s something about pureness. The pureness that we feel when we surf at Hoo’kipa and feel the water washing through our hairs, the pureness that we feel, when we climb Yosemite and smell the taste of wilderness and the pureness that we feel when we walk through a lonely and black forest at night. That is the pureness, that our products are made with.

Above all, Wagners is a state of mind in food and nutrition. People should have the possibility to get refueled, listen to themselves and find a way for new inspiration.